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Friday, April 2, 2010

Nina Mercedez Bares all

NINA MERCEDEZ WIKI - Nina Mercedez was born in Corpus Christi, Texas and is Spanish, Mexican and Italian. Nina Mercedez grew up quiet and unpopular in high school (according to her appearance on Jenny Jones From geek to chic show) and worked a variety of jobs before becoming a stripper right after her 18th birthday.

Nina Mercedez worked as a peeler for a few years before seeing a feature dancing and deciding that was what Nina Mercedez wanted to do more then just strip (if you haven't been to a strip joint, GO, and the difference between strippers and features are that strippers just strip while features put on a big show). Nina Mercedez decided to get into porn to get where Nina Mercedez wanted and was photographed by Penthouse in 2000.

Since then Nina Mercedez has won numerous awards (Like Miss Nude Universe in 2003) and Nina Mercedez has been a Vivid girl as well.